Spiritual Orgonite Launches with Dozens of Unique, Handmade Orgonite Pyramids


EDMONTON, Alberta — Offering a wide selection of one-of-a-kind, handmade orgonite pyramids, Spiritual Orgonite has launched at Five percent of the proceeds from each sale at the new site will support local charities focusing on spiritual healing or holistic health, and each orgonite pyramid has been has been verified and tested for effectiveness at protecting against electromagnetic pollution.

Created to promote health and happiness for all while giving back to the community, Spiritual Orgonite also accepts special, custom orders from those who make contact using the details found at With dozens of orgonite pyramids now ready for immediate sale, site visitors can expect new products to become available on a regular basis.

“We’re proud to announce that Spiritual Orgonite is now online, with a wide selection of handmade orgonite pyramids already in place,” said site founder Don Constable, “I’ve been interested in energetic healing for quite some time, and learning about orgone energy and orgonite has been truly rewarding. I’m glad to help others by offering these orgonite pyramids I have carefully created myself. Each and every pyramid has been tested and verified, and we’re also happy to work on custom orders for our clients. From energy healing to improving mental agility and creativity, we’re excited to share these pyramids with our visitors.”

Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich was influential in many ways, from building directly on Sigmund Freud’s legacy with several high-profile books of the 1930s to theories and discoveries that were uniquely his own. Of his activities of the latter kind, Reich is best-known today for his identification, after fleeing to New York from the Nazis, of a kind of fundamental biological energy he named “orgone.”

Those interested in alternative healing practices today often employ specially designed tools meant to attract and channel this form of energy. A substance known as “orgonite” and made from fiberglass impregnated with metallic shavings or particles, for example, is thought by many to be especially effective for this purpose when cast into the form of a pyramid or other carefully selected shape.

The newly launched Spiritual Orgonite website at offers dozens of such orgonite pyramids and similar products. Every orgonite artifact is entirely handmade, with additions like copper coils, quartz crystals, silver leaf, and abalone supplementing and supporting the effects of the orgonite itself. Each of the beautiful creations is entirely unique, and Spiritual Orgonite clients can also arrange for the production of pyramids made to their specifications. With five percent of the proceeds from each sale reserved for worthy charities, Spiritual Orgonite customers also give something back with every purchase.

About Spiritual Orgonite:
Emphasizing health, happiness, and giving back to the community, Spiritual Orgonite offers unique, handmade orgonite pyramids, with five percent of every purchase going to a local charity that focuses on energetic healing or holistic health.

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