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Hemp Products That You Should Be Aware of

Very few people can tell the difference between marijuana plant and hemp plant because they are different. Although hemp and marijuana plant the same family, the hemp plant is taller than marijuana plant. Compared to the marijuana plant, the hemp plant does not need a lot of care because it can be grown in different conditions. The other differentiating factor between marijuana plant and the hemp plant is that it grows quickly and easily compared to the growth rate of the marijuana plant. The use of hemp plant has been for decades and therefore doesn’t history. The following is a guide on hemp products and uses.

One of the products of the hemp plant is the human food. There are a variety of human that is made from the hemp plant is the hemp seeds which are known for their nutritious value in mostly used by vegetarians and athletes because it tells fibers that can enable easy digestion and also contains fatty acids with the help of curing those suffering from human deficiency the diseases. Hemp seed oil is another example of human food made from the hemp plant which contains some properties for skin care, vitamin A and E, as properties to promote healthy hair and nails and also contains omega six and omega-3. The examples of human foods from the hemp plant can include healthy flavored water, burgers, coffee, energy bars, hemp tea, protein powder, hemp seed butter and hemp milk. The human foods are available in both the online stores and the physical stores and temperatures from any.

The other example of hemp product is the construction materials. It is advisable that anytime you want to construct a home, you should use the hemp material such cement because it can help you in resisting bad weather and also the materials are known to be easily damaged even during bad weather. The hemp plant is also known for the making of fuel such as biodiesel and that is why the petroleum industry has embraced the use of the hemp plant because they can make petroleum products.

The other products of hemp plant that are commonly used today are the body oil and lotions. The reason why implant can be used to make the body lotions and well is because it contains some properties that can be used to moisturize the skin preventing it from cracking hence being used as body oil and lotion. Another an industry that uses the hemp plant is the industries that make clothing such as jeans and sports clothing because it makes close last longer is it the contains strong fibers. On this product is available both from online stores and physical stores.

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