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Get the Right Hair Extensions – Virgin Cambodian Hair

When looking at quality, only real human hair will do. It is important that the hair used is 100% human hair as many, less reputable suppliers, offer human hair mixed with synthetic or animal fibres. These are problematic when it comes to dyeing, straightening and styling as they do not deal with heat and chemicals in the same way human hair does. Indian Remy hair is an excellent choice, with “virgin” (un-treated and un-dyed) and Russian hair often being the premium grade. Chinese Remy is more risky as the hair is often over-treated or has been subjected to too many chemicals which in turn leads to a reduction in quality over time. Using only high quality AAAA+ graded human hair means that extensions virgin Cambodian hair can last long periods and even be re-used with proper care and maintenance.

Additional benefits of using high quality Remy hair is that it can be matched closely with your colour and then dyed to get an exact made or to blend with your own hair. Synthetic and lower quality extensions do not take to dye well and results can be varied between batches.

An ethical and reliable supplier is important as there are many fakes on the market and without experience, it is hard to know what you are buying. If it sounds too good to be true then it almost certainly is.

One of the benefits of using high quality Remy human hair is that the follicles are all in the one direction, as they should be, chemical and factory treated hair is carded in batches which means hair can be running in different

directions making the texture and appearance of the extensions suffer as a consequence.

There are various types and applications of hair extensions from the use of glue in fusion bonds and ‘shrinkies’ to loops in micro-bonds and new, innovative nano-loops. Nano-loops are similar to micro-bonds but much smaller and less noticeable. Nano-loops use smaller bunches of lokshair hair in each batch, meaning more batches are used. The hair and application are more expensive but results are second to none.

Finally, using a trained professional is vital in order to achieve maximum results. Look for a practitioner who is qualified and insured, particularly when seeking mobile freelance extensionists as many, less scrupulous extensionists are un-insured and have no formal training.